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The Natural History Museum of Oslo (NHM) is committed to the letter and spirit of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and expects its partners to act in a manner consistent with the CBD. This Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is designed to promote scientific research, exchange and education, and the conservation of biodiversity, and complies with the CETAF/CPB24 Memorandum of Understanding on principles for research loans between natural history collections. NHM reserves the right not to supply requested material if such supply would be contrary to any terms attached to the material and/or to the CBD.

The material specified in the Specimen list (hereafter. Material) will be provided to the signatory (Recipient) of this MTA subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Material may only be used in non-commercial, scientific research, education or for the conservation of biodiversity.
2. The Material may not be used for profit or any other commercial purpose.
3. The Recipient is responsible for obtaining all relevant permits (CITES, import permits etc.), and shall cover any costs associated with permitting.
4. The Recipient shall maintain retrievable records linking the Material to this MTA and any accompanying data (Data) provided by the NHM DNA Bank.
5. All or substantial parts of the Data may not be incorporated into any publicly available database without explicit approval from the NHM DNA Bank. If incorporated into local databases for reference or similar purposes, it shall be made clear that the Material and Data originate from the NHM DNA Bank.
6. The NHM DNA Bank shall be acknowledged as the source of the Material in all written, electronic and oral presentations that include analyses of the Material or parts thereof. Individual samples should be referenced by their NHM DNA Bank accession numbers. An electronic copy of all such presentations should be sent to the NHM DNA Bank.
7. The Material may not be transferred to any third party without prior consent from the NHM DNA Bank.
8. If DNA is extracted from the Material, an aliquot (minimum 50-100 (?L) of the extract shall be returned to the NHM DNA Bank, unless a specific exception is made under “Specific conditions” on the reverse side. Contact the technical curator of the NHM DNA Bank for further details on return of extracts.
9. The amount of Material provided is intended to be no more than what is needed for the analyses outlined in the loan application. Any extra Material is therefore not expected to be returned, unless specifically stated under “Specific conditions” on the reverse side.
10. Any sequence data resulting from analyses of the Material shall be registered in GenBank/EMBL or other similar publicly available databases. An electronic list of associated accession numbers or their equivalent, linked to the NHM DNA Bank accession number(s) of the Material, shall be returned to the NHM DNA Bank.
11. Any errors, misidentifications or other ambiguities discovered in the Material or Data should be reported back to the NHM DNA Bank.
12. The material is provided without any warranty of any kind. The Recipient hereby indemnifies and holds harmless NHM for any liability or expenses incurred by NHM as a result of Recipient’s use of the Material.
13. Prior consent from the NHM DNA Bank or, where appropriate, from the provider of the Material to NHM DNA Bank, is required for any use of the Material not covered by this MTA.

24 Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities/Collections Policy Board

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