Material Transfer Agreement

1. Formation

This material transfer agreement is made between the Institute of Biodiversity Conservation hereinafter referred to as the “Provider” of the one part and ————————— (your host institution) hereinafter referred to as the “Sponsor” and Mr. ——–(specify your name and title) hereinafter referred to as the “Researcher”.

2. Purpose of Agreement

Whereas the Researcher, Mr X is undertaking a PhD/MSc research that intends to ——————————————— (purpose of the research) and wants to take ———- (amount of sample) samples to ————– (specify the university/Institute and country of destination) for purpose of the said research;

Whereas the Researcher has confirmed that the research cannot be carried out here in Ethiopia due to ——————————- (specific reason for not carrying out the research in Ethiopia);

Whereas the Provider convinced that the intended research is useful for the —————————– (specify the benefit of the research to Ethiopia) approved the exporting of the said ———— samples.

Now, therefore, it is agreed as follows:

3. Descriptions and Quantity

Under this material transfer agreement the Researcher is allowed to export to —————- (destination university/Institute and country) ————— (amount of samples).

4. Utilisation of Material

1. The Researcher shall utilize the material for said research program only.
2. The Researcher cannot use the material for commercial purpose nor can it obtain any intellectual property right on the material.
3. The Researcher retains the material for the period of the research in ———- (destination country) whereupon it shall return any remaining unused material to the Provider.

5. Other Obligations

1. The Researcher shall not transfer the material to any third party whosoever without first notifying to and securing explicit written agreement of the Provider.
2. Any third party that obtains the material from the Researcher in the absence of permission from the Provider shall not have any right whatsoever over the material and its components.
3. The Researcher shall notify the Provider the progress of its research through periodic research report.
4. The Researcher shall at the end of the research present to the Provider the hard and electronic copy of the research results.
5. Any benefit that accrues from the use of this material shall be subject to the relevant existing and future national and international laws.


On behalf of the Sponsor

On behalf of the Researcher

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On behalf of the Provider


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