Letters of Intent?Bioprospecting and Traditional Knowledge

The representative of the Council of Village Heads of Nam Rew and Nam Chaa Valleys, representing the people of the villages in the Nam Rew and Nam Chaa Valley, Nakay-Mai District, Nua Province, PDR and the Department of Systematic Botany, Uppsala University, Sweden, represented by Martin Stigberg, hereby declare their intention to cooperate on a project concerning plants used for traditional medicine and mosquito control. The project aim is to improve mosquito and health control for the people in the villages.


ラオス国、Nua州、Nakay-Mai地区のNam RewとNam Chaa渓谷の地域社会の長からなる委員会の代表者と、Martin Stigberg教授が代表するスエーデン国Uppsala大学植物分類学部、は、伝統医学と蚊駆除に利用されている植物について共同で研究することに合意した。本研究の目的は、本地域の村民の蚊駆除と健康管理を向上させることである。

All field equipment used for this control will be donated to the villages after the project time expires.




All rights to findings, in the form of possible patents and marketable products, and profits from possible commercialization will be divided according to the following schema:

• 5% given to local informants and/or their families

• 25% put into a village development fund controlled by the Council of Village Heads of the villages in the Nam Rew and Nam Chaa Valleys

• 25% is to be used by the Ministry of Health for active disease control in the PDR

• 25% to be used by the Ministry of Environment for preservation of biological biodiversity

• 20% of gains are put into a research fund with Dr. Martin Stigberg (Lecturer in Ethnobotany, Uppsala University), Prof. Maria Karlsson (Professor in Medical Entomology, Uppsala University) and Dr. Sue-Trong (Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, National University) are board members. The fund should be used for the education of promising Ph.D. students from the PDR within the field of biology.



  • 5%は地域の情報提供者、あるいは/又は、その家族に配分される。
  • 25%は、Nam Rew と Nam Chaa渓谷地方の村落の長の集まりである委員会の管理下にある開発基金に配分される。
  • 25%はラオス国の保健省に配分され、健康管理のための活動に使われる。
  • 25%はラオス国環境省に配分され、生物多様性保全のために使われる。
  • 20%は、スエーデン国Uppsala大学大学植物分類学部のMartin Stigberg教授、その共同研究者、大学委員会が管理する研究基金に配分される。この基金は、生物学分野で、博士課程の学生をラオス国から受入れ教育するために使われなければならない。


The project is planned to be financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Project time July 1, 2007, to June 30, 2011.




February 28, 2007


Martin Stigberg

Department of Systematic Botany,

Uppsala University, Sweden







Chief ……………….

Representative of the Council of Village Heads of Nam Rew and

Nam Chaa Valley


Nam RewとNam Chaa渓谷地域社会代表者
















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