A report of “Vietnam-Japan Bilateral Workshop on Bioinformatics and Bioresources 2021” hosted by National Institute of Genetics(NIG)

(Photo))Vietnam-Japan Bilateral Workshop on Bioinformatics and Bioresources 2021

In August 2021, ABS Support Team for Academia and DDBJ (DNA Data Bank of Japan) Center, National Institute of Genetics(NIG) hosted “Vietnam-Japan Bilateral Workshop on Bioinformatics and Bioresources 2021”, together with Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR) of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), following “Indonesia-Japan Bilateral Workshop on Bioinformatics and Bioresources 2020” of the last year (lectures available from:
61 Vietnamese researchers working at Vietnamese universities and research institutes (including Vietnam National University, Can Tho University, and Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources) participated in the workshop, in addition to 15 Japanese lecturers (mainly from DDBJ Center) and 4 Vietnamese lecturers (including Ms. Ta Thi Kieu Anh of Biodiversity Conservation Agency, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment).


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of science. International meetings are now organized online, and preprint servers and online tools are extensively utilized. In this era, bioinformatics offers inseparable tools to deal with bioresource in all life science research. This workshop was planned to elicit synergy between strong resource information in Vietnam and informatics skills in Japan. The collaboration between up-to-date analyses using supercomputing and rich, organized bioresources will inseminate multiple application areas such as health care, machine learning, and drug repositioning. We also aim to foster activities to save the environment defined in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the United Nations.
Through this opportunity, we anticipate a long lasting partnership between Vietnam and Japan in multiple research fields.

Mishima, August1
ARITA Masanori(Head of DDBJ Center), KAGOSHIMA Hiroshi(ABS Support Team for Academia),
and SUZUKI Mutsuaki(Head of ABS Support Team for Academia)
National Institute of Genetics, Japan


Located in the eastern part of the continental Southeast Asia biodiversity region, Vietnam harbors rich biodiversity, and being a home of thousands of biological species including 14,000 plants, 11,000 marine species, and thousands of vertebrates and invertebrates. Over the decades, the country has received the international attentions on its biological investigation and bioresource research, e.g. discoveries of new species, and new chemical compounds. In particular, the collaboration between Vietnam and Japan plays an essential role to promote biological research in Vietnam.
In recent years, the development of technology, especially that of supercomputers, has brought more advances on biological research, which however, requires more investment on supercomputer infrastructure and the capacity for using the bioinformatics as a modern tool for supporting the advancement of science in biodiversity or bioresources. Capacity building is, therefore, a very strategic step and is urgently needed.
In order to support the biological research in Vietnam and to promote the Vietnam – Japan collaboration, we are pleased to introduce the training workshop on bioinformatics and bioresources organized by the collaboration between National Institute of Genetics (NIG) and Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology). We do hope that the workshop can be a good chance for all Vietnam and Japan researchers to learn and share the research information; and moreover, this workshop can be helpful for your current and future research.

Ha noi, August 18
Anh D. NGUYEN(Senior researcher)
Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Viet nam



Day0(7 Aug,Sat)Pre-meeting for the workshop
Introduction to UNIX, super computing (Ngoc Tu Le,OIST)

Day1(24 Aug,Tue)Welcome speech (ARITA Masanori,NIG)/Introduction of DDBJ
Chair:ARITA Masanori,NIG
1.1) Data repository and DDBJ (IIZUKA Tomoyo,NIG)
1.2) UNIX commands and programming environment (OKUDA Yoshihiro,NIG)
1.3) What you can do with the super-computer in DDBJ (OKUDA Yoshihiro,NIG)

Day2(25 Aug,Wed) New Generation Sequencing analysis
2.1) Introduction to Microbial Genome Analysis (TANIZAWA Yasuhiro,NIG)
2.2) Genome Analysis of Eukaryotes~Gene structural annotation and functional annotation~(SAKAMOTO Mika,NIG)
2.3) Comparative genomics (KAWASHIMA Takeshi,NIG)

Day3(26 Aug,Thu)OMICS analysis
Chair:ARITA Masanori,NIG
3.1) Metabolomic data minig using searchable repositories (SAKURAI Nozomu,NIG)
3.2) Metagenomics of gut microbiome (MORI Hiroshi,NIG)
3.3) Genomics for human hereditary disease (HATA Chihiro,NIG)

Day4(30 Aug,Mon)International collaborations and intellectual property
Chair:Duc Anh Nguyen,IEBR/VAST
4.1) Review on Three Decades Collaboration between Vietnam and University of Tsukuba with International
Collaboration and Enforcement of Partnerships towards Life Science Industry
(WATANABE Kazuo,University of Tsukuba)
4.2) Integrative species delimitation of Vietnamese jumping spiders(Araneae:Salticidae)
(Phung Thi Hong Luong,IEBR/VAST)
Chair:SUZUKI Mutsuaki,NIG
4.3) Case study for utilization of intellectual property (SUZUKI Mutsuaki,NIG)
4.4) Basic knowledge for Patent and introduction of patent office data in DDBJ (AONO Hideo,NIG)

Day5(31 Aug,Tue)ABS in Vietnam/Closing speech
Chair:Francesco Ballarin,Tokyo Metropolitan University
5.1) Implementation of the access and benefit sharing of biological resources (ABS) in Vietnam: A case of
international collaboration between Vietnam-Japan in the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources
(Nguyen Truong Son and Nguyen Duc Anh,IEBR/VAST)
(Ta Thi Kieu Anh,Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Agency,VIetnam Environment Administration,BCA/VEA)
Closing speech (Nguyen Duc Anh,IEBR/VAST)
National Institute of Genetics (DDBJ Center,ABS Support Team for Academia), Japan
Institute of Ecology and Bioresources Research, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (IEBR/VAST)

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